• Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment
  • Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment
  • Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment
  • Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment
  • Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment

Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment

Warranty: 12 Months
Material: SS304
Certification: SGS/CE/ISO 9001/BV
After Sale Service: Engineers Available
Delivery Time: 35 Days Against Down Payment
Package: Package Poly Wooden Case

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Product Description

Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment
Jiangsu BOE Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Jiaotong University have jointly developed a complete set of intelligent low-temperature sludge drying technology, which has yielded fruitful results. It has successively launched a low-temperature sludge belt dryer, a low-temperature sludge waste heat dryer, and a low-temperature sludge Box-type dryers and other models have advanced technology and remarkable treatment effects. Two invention patents have been declared.

Sludge heat pump drying airflow optimization system

Air outlet drainage sludge drying system based on heat pump technology.

Low temperature drying-the best solution for sludge drying reduction.

The low-temperature sludge drying equipment developed by BOE environmental Protection can directly dry sewage or sludge with a moisture content of less than 83% to dry sludge with a moisture content of 10%-30%. The reduction can be as high as 90%, and the effective sterilization can be as high as 90%. Low energy consumption, no pollution, widely used in municipal sludge and industrial sludge (printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, chemical industry, leather, pharmacy, etc.) for drying reduction. Dry sludge with 10%-30% moisture content can be gasified later , Mixed burning, composting, or building materials and other harmless resource disposal.

Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer EquipmentWastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer EquipmentLow temperature drying principle
The low-temperature sludge drying equipment independently developed by BOE Environmental Protection uses the principle of low-temperature heat pump dehumidification and uses convection hot air drying to reduce the amount of wet sludge on the mesh belt. The whole set is the same as a fully enclosed type. Design, dry hot air without heat loss.
Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment

Dehumidification heat pump principle
The refrigeration system is used to cool and dehumidify the humid air from the drying room, and at the same time recover the latent heat of moisture condensation to reheat the dry air. It is a combination of dehumidification (dehumidification and drying) and heat pump (energy recovery), and is the recycling of energy in the drying process.
Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment

Innovative Technology
Four-effect technology, twice the industry standard
Four-effect condensation dehumidification drying technology is an advanced sludge drying reduction technology. It has significant advantages such as lower air outlet temperature, better drying capacity and efficiency, and more economical operating costs; adopts "four-effect condensation dehumidification and drying" equipment, and the comprehensive dehumidification performance ratio (SMER) is as high as 4kg.H2O/kw.h or more , The moisture content of dry mud is reduced to 10%-30%, which is more than 50% energy-saving than traditional low-temperature drying, which is twice the industry standard.

A variety of molding technologies, comprehensive energy efficiency leading 40%.
Based on years of successful experience, different types of wet mud, and different moisture content, different molding technologies are used to reduce the drying time of wet mud, and the comprehensive energy efficiency is 40% ahead of the industry.

Wide range of applications
1.It can be widely used in the drying treatment of various types of sludge in municipal administration, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, chemical industry, leather, etc.;
2.The daily dehumidification and water removal capacity of a single device ranges from 200 kg to 50 tons, and all models can meet;
3.Electric energy can be used directly, or energy such as steam and waste heat can be used;
4.It can be "centralized treatment" or "decentralized treatment" to meet the requirements of sludge disposal policies in different regions;
5. It is not affected by the external environment temperature (low temperature in winter) and humidity (humidity in summer), suitable for use in various regions;

Safe and harmless
1. Fully-enclosed low-temperature operation at 40-75ºC, no nitrogen filling operation required;
2. During the drying process, the oxygen content is less than 12%, the dust concentration is less than 60g/m3, the particle temperature is less than 70ºC, and there is no danger of dust and explosion;
3. The sludge is statically spread, and there is no mechanical electrostatic friction with the contact surface;
4. There is no "sticky phase" stage of the urban sludge drying process (about 60%);
5. The dry material is in granular form and there is no danger of dust;
6. The discharging temperature is low (<50ºC), no cooling is needed, and it is stored.

High efficiency reduction
1. It can directly dry the sludge with a moisture content of 83% to 10% without disposing in stages;
2. There is no loss of organic components in the drying process, and the dry material has a high calorific value, which is suitable for later resource utilization;
3. The reduction can be as high as 80%, which can save a lot of later transportation costs; 4. Using Pasteur (pasteurization) sterilization method-low temperature heat sterilization, the drying temperature is above 70 ºC for 90 minutes to 120 minutes, and the effective sterilization is as high as 90%;

Skills design 
1. Adopt heat pump heat recovery technology, closed drying mode without any waste heat emission;
2. 80% wet mud is dried to 60% per ton, and the comprehensive power consumption is 125kw.h;
3. 80% wet mud is dried to 10% per ton, and the comprehensive power consumption is 200kw.h;
4. 4 kg of water can be removed per 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity (the dehumidification performance ratio is 1:4kg.H2o/kw.h);

Environmentally friendly and odorless
1. The entire equipment system adopts a closed design, no odor overflows, and no complicated deodorizing device is required;
2. Using low temperature drying process, the amount of H2S and NH3 precipitation is greatly reduced;
3. Condensate (sludge moisture) is easy to dispose of and can be discharged directly;
4. Adapt to sewage plants in urban areas, villages and scenic spots;

Economic savings
1. It occupies a small area, with an average treatment area of about 4m2 per ton of wet mud;
2. It can be installed in the basement to save land area;
3. No complicated civil structures and infrastructure, saving civil construction costs;
4. The equipment is simple to install, and the installation and debugging cycle is short, saving time and cost;

Smart operation
1. The equipment runs fully automatically, saving a lot of labor costs;
2. "PLC+touch screen" intelligent control can realize remote centralized control;
3. The moisture content of the discharge material can be adjusted arbitrarily (10%-50%);

Stable and durable
1. The use of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, and the heat exchanger with electroplating anti-corrosion treatment, have a long service life;
 2. There is no mechanical wear during operation, and the service life is more than 15 years;
3. No vulnerable and consumable parts, easy to use and manage;

Sludge low temperature belt dryer


★ Low temperature drying below 70ºC, no hidden danger of dust, no mechanical electrostatic friction, safe
★ Closed drying, no odor emission, small floor space, low civil construction cost
★ Low energy consumption 60kw.h/1000kg.H2O, long service life, short installation and debugging cycle
 ★ It can be dried to 10% moisture content, and the output is adjustable from 10% to 60%.

External Structure
Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment

Related parameters
Standard water removal capacity/24h600kg1200kg2400kg4800kg7200kg9600kg14400kg
water removal capacity/h25kg50kg100kg200kg300kg400kg600kg
Operation power8kw14kw26kw51kw76kw106kw160kw
Heat pump module quantity1set1set1set2set3set2set3set
Number of compressors1set1set4set8set12set8set12set
Cooling modeWater cooling SLWater cooling SLWind cooling FLWind cooling FLWind cooling FLWind cooling FL or water cooling SLWind cooling FL or water cooling SL
Cooling water flow △t=15ºC//////////6m³/h9m³/h
External structure mm2625*1277*18503170*1580*20803810*2215*24206800*2215*24209500*2215*24208150*3110*320014400*3110*3200
Structure typewhole packagewhole packagewhole package
/assemble package
assemble packageassemble packageassemble packageassemble package

ModelBOE19200 FL/SLBOE24000 FL/SLBOE28800 FL/SLBOE33600SLBOE38400SLBOE43200SLBOE48000SL
Standard water removal capacity/24h19200kg24000kg28800kg33600kg28400kg43200kg48000kg
water removal capacity/h800kg1000kg1200kg1400kg1600kg1800kg2000kg
Operation power213kw260kw312kw367kw416kw471kw520kw
Heat pump module quantity4set5set6set7set8set9set10set
Number of compressors16set20set24set28set32set36set40set
Cooling modeWind cooling FL or water cooling SLWind cooling FL or water cooling SLWind cooling FL or water cooling SLwater cooling SLWater cooling SLWater cooling SLWater cooling SL
Cooling water flow t=15ºC12m³/h15m³/h18m³/h21m³/h24m³/h27m³/h30m³/h
External structure mm14650*3110*320017900*3110*320021150*3110*320024400*3110*320027650*3110*320030900*3110*320034150*3110*3200
Structure typeassemble packageassemble packageassemble packageassemble packageassemble packageassemble packageassemble package

The refrigerant R134a 
Power supply(220V\380V\440V)/3H/50Hz(60Hz,customization)
Dry temperature48~56ºC(return air)/65~80ºC(conveying air)
Control systemTouch screen+PLC Programmable Controllers
Wet sludge application scope Water concentration(40%-83%)(Different water content has different adaptability )
Dry sludge water concentrationFrequency conversion control,water concentration(10%-60%)( Dry sludge moisture content's adjustment range is determined according to the moisture content of the inlet wet sludge )
Forming methodCut and squeeze(Different moisture content and sludge properties should be suitable for selection )

Wastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer EquipmentWastewater Treatment Low Temperature Heat Pump Sludge Drying Dyer Equipment
Q: Are you trading company or manufacture?
A: We are both manufacture and trading company. We have over 20 years' professional experience as a waste water treatment equipment manufacturer and engineering service enterprise.

Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Yangzhou City, which is very close to Shanghai with only less than 3 hours' driving.

Q: Do you provide OEM service?
A: Yes. Any required logos is available.

Q: How about the production capacity of your company?
A: Our factory covers area over 20,000M2 and produces machines 2000 sets per year.

Q: How could we trust you and your company? This is first time transaction?
A: Our company has more than 20 years professional experience. We cooperate over 1000 customers in China and overseas. We export nearly 40 countries all over the world. Welcome to our company and watch our plant production condition any time.

Q: What certificates do you have?

Q: Do you offer after-sales service?
A: Yes. Engineers available.

Q: How long is your warranty?
A: One year after the arrival of the goods. During this period, as long as it is not a man-made damage, we send the damaged parts free of charge.

Q: What about your delivery Time?
A: Normally within 45 days against down payment.

Q: What about the package of your export product?
A: We use anticorrosion wooden case with foam inside.

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

Q: What kind of transportation do you offer?
A: Customers decide freight mode, Air, Land & Sea .


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